The Best Nuru Massage Experience In Addis

Best Nuru Massage Addis

Nuru Massage Addis

Enjoy the best Nuru Massage Addis

Nuru massage is a popular form of body to body massage that has a special, slippery element: all natural Nuru Gel. 

Nuru Massage is one of the most popular forms of erotic massage in Addis, and with good reason. But in Japan, it began as an answer to increasingly strict legislation in the red light districts of major cities. It was a way to increase the sensuality and intimacy of erotic massage without breaking any laws. What started as a work around for masseuses and escorts soon became an international sensation and a mainstay in the adult entertainment industry. 

Expect the best Nuru Massage Addis

Your Nuru Massage Addis session begins with a sensual shower to warm your muscles and soften your skin. This simple preparation makes your massage all the more enjoyable and allows the Nuru Gel to nourish and condition your skin with anti-oxidants.  Join your masseuse and watch as she anoints her body, and then yours, with the incredibly slick Nuru Gel before mounting your reclining form. She will use her entire body to massage you; hands, arms, thighs, and buttocks. 

More About Nuru Massage Addis

Nuru Massage Addis is full-body and incredibly sensual, unfettered and intimate. It’s truly something that must be experienced to be fully understood.  In the second half of your Nuru Massage your masseuse will narrow her focus to your most sensitive erogenous zones, circling ever closer to your lingam. By then you will be well on your way to a show stopping climax, but her focus and dedication to your happy ending will bring you swiftly across the finish line. 

Nuru Massage Addis

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